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We receive so much great information and advice from him throughout the whole process. There were more than a couple of road bumps in the process, and he was always right there within minutes no matter the time of day to help us work through them, answer our questions, and clarify things. This was a stressful experience and was always going to be, but James made it something we could understand at every step and get through. I'm not sure we could have done it without him.

—Paul S., Texas


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Property Investor loan


Debt service coverage ratio uses rental income to qualify for financing

Flexible Requirement Loan

Non-QM Loan

Flexible income and credit requirements provide financing options for unique situations.

Home Seller Loan

Bridge Loan

Short-term financing for homebuyers who have a house to sell.

Credit Card Payoff Loan

Cash-out Refinance

Up to 95% loan-to-value ratio made for paying off high-interest debt.

Rural Homeowner Loan


Zero down, lower rates and lower credit reqs. Made for rural properties.

High-earner home loan

Jumbo Loan

Special financing for higher value properties with limits set by location.

US Military Loan

VA Loan

Lower down payment and lower interest rates for US Military Veterans.

Well-Qualified Loan

Conventional Loan

Great for well-qualified individuals, with lower rates and less hoops.

First-time Homeowner Loan

FHA Loan

Lower down payment and lower barriers-perfect for the first-time buyer.